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Exchange Authorized| Remote Sales and Service| Price and Rebate Protection
Understanding Your Benefits
You remain our priority: A COVID-19 update


Whether you need a vehicle while overseas or when you return home, we’ve got you covered. Developed for you and endorsed by The Exchange, this factory-direct program is not your typical car buying experience. With more than 80 locations worldwide and benefits designed specifically for military members, our only commitment is to serving you. And we’ve been proudly doing it for close to 60 years.



From the moment you’re introduced to the program to the time you take delivery and beyond, we’re committed to providing the service and support you deserve. Every step of the way. 荣耀v20手机怎么进外网


You have bigger things to focus on than car shopping, so this program was designed to provide the kind of uncommon peace of mind you need. The Exchange and DOD demand it. Learn more.



Delivering true value is about more than price, but exclusive military savings, regulated pricing, factory-direct ordering, and a price match guarantee help ensure you don’t spend more than you should. Learn more.


Most of America’s top-selling brands and models are available to you through this program. And that’s not limited to cars, you can get a motorcycle and off road vehicle too! Learn more.

Ready to take advantage of your exclusive military privileges?

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Audi Chevrolet 手机进外网加速软件 Dodge Ford Harley-Davidson 手机怎样浏览外网 Infiniti Jeep Lexus Lincoln Nissan Polaris Ram Slingshot Toyota Volkswagen
Certified & Pre-Owned Vehicles
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For generations, we've had the honor to serve overseas alongside our troops, providing privileged military pricing and always doing what is right for you.


The buying process was a great experience. They took us through the vehicle purchase step-by-step with the United States Army Europe standards.
Terrance L. Johnson
I am very pleased with the service I received and even more pleased with my purchase. I would recommend to everyone.
Austin Entustle
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Chris Wells
Official car buying program for leading military lenders.
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1. Restrictions apply. See your sales representative for complete details. Overseas Military Sales Corporation is an authorized contractor of the Exchange and NEXCOM. Military AutoSource is an authorized distributor to sell and distribute Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Ford, Honda, Lincoln, Harley-Davidson, Nissan, Polaris, Toyota and VW vehicles on-base. Off-base, we offer Audi, Honda, Infiniti, Lexus, Nissan, Toyota, and VW vehicles. Military AutoSource program benefits and guarantees vary by manufacturer and are subject to terms and conditions. Visit militaryautosource.com or see your sale representative for details. Vehicles and programs offered by Overseas Military Sales Corporation - OMSC, Ltd.

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